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01-11-2014| Hey, it's me Deimos. Ok, so maybe you're wondering if i'm dead or something... but the truth is that I have been very busy lately... and yeah, I know, fucking 3 or 4 months without any update it's lame, but, in exactly 2 weeks more i'll be ready with more reviews, I just need to write down some things and shit (I have 4 reviews done, but I'm waiting until free time to post them). So let's hope that i'll be done soon.

12/07/2014| Yo! it'sa me! Mari- oh, wait. Hello there, as promised (?) i'll tell you some bad news... for me. The first is that i'll not participate in the map tournaments as I said before, mainly because the deadline was in times were I was studying kinda hard, so no time in the maps were implemented. Bad new number 2: the ZDoom map that I was working on will be scraped, and it will not see the light. Now, some good news: first is that the other map I was working on will be released, but it will take some time. Second: i'm working on 2 maps for Ultimate Doom in name Only! it's a great project were the mappers try to build a map representing the title of the level (For example, E1M1 Hangar should be a real hangar). My slots are: E2M3 Refinery and E3M2 Slough of Despair, and i'm working on E3M2 now, screenies will be posted here (CLICK ME, NOW) Oh, and i've removed "Other projects" until some time in the future! reviews will keep update later.

29/06/2014| It's been a while again, just to let you know i'll be updating this more often now that exams will decrease, but i have some bad news that i'll explain in next update. See ya!

EDIT: Well, i've updated the links page with 6 new interesting links. I'll be putting new links at the end of the Links page, so you'll know where they are.

27/04/2014| Hey there! I know I know... it's been a while since the last update, but things have been a little bit difficult to me in real life things and stuff, this mini-update is just to let you know i'm not dead or anything, in fact, i'm working in 3 maps right now! 2 of them are for Doom, so be prepared because in some months i'll be releasing them.
In the next update (let's hope this week) i'll be posting new reviews and screenshots of my in-progress maps, see ya!


Hello there! I see you managed to get here somehow, there are plenty of lewd sites on the web so... Why are you here?

Nevermind, just enjoy what I got here: Reviews, Screenshots, My projects, Links, News and Misc!


I'm better known as 'Ledillman' in the Doom Community and by the name of 'ledill-vd-plas' in ZDaemon and Odamex. I sometimes use 'Deimos' because is my favorite
of the 2 moons and also because the second episode of Doom (my favorite) takes place on it!