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Hey, check this good 'ole sites of Doom!

Arcades 3D - This webpage (In spanish) has a very active forum with Doom, Quake, Unreal, Rise of the Triad, Strife, Duke Nukem, and other games topics, very useful. It also has a maps section were you can download .wads for Doom, and Quake maps, Duke Nukem 3D maps, etc.

Doomworld - Most probably the biggest Doom page you ever find! you can find everything doom related here.

Outpost of Doom II - Cool site with A LOT of reviews and wad downloads, a classic. But, sadly, it will not be updated anymore.

Aap's animations - Animations by Aap! check them out!

Plas Productions - Plas animations! featuring Leo A. Gher and Aap!

Firmar's youtube channel - Firmar's youtube channel, he is vd plas too so check his videos and animations!

Realm667 - For newschool doomers that want new monsters, textures, sounds and more new stuff here is your page, but, don't abuse of monsters and texture packs!!.

Lukasxd Blog - LukasxD's blog, it's under construction so don't expect the biggest site ever... yet!

Diseņo Doom - Another site in spanish, this forum is special for design questions about doom mapping, scripting and decorate.

Mordeth TC - Homepage of Mordeth, a cool Doom TC.

Old Plas site - Old VD-Plas site, oldie but goldie! check it out!

Doom 2 . net - BahdKo's classic doom site! an obligatory page to visit, has resources, links and info about classic Doom! and sadly, memorial sites...

Gatlin Software - Heavy Gunner's doom site, be careful! it has some +18 images in one of it's sections!

Demmon Wad Station - Demmon's webpage, it also has doom wads, newschool and oldschool too, pretty cool. (In spanish!)

Aluqah's blog - Do you know Aluqah? I bet you do, here's his blog with downloads and more! (Spanish, duh!)

Zdoom - My favourite source port of Doom, thanks for developing this guys!

Odamex (Multiplayer) - Odamex main site, my favourite port to play Doom online with people!

Zdaemon (Multiplayer) - The infamous(?) port to play Doom online, it was good, check the finally released 1.09 version! I played this for yeeears, but it's getting weird.

Milian's Doom Site - Milian's Doom site and forum, a cool dooming buddy, you can find there his singleplayer and multiplayer projects and other things, check it out!

Magnetron256 site - He DOMINATES the ZDaemon world! Visit the Magnesite and check his .wads!

Crazy Chicken Palace (R.I.P) - Dead old doom site by LoCoMaN or Crazy Chicken.

Doom Builder (Map editor) - Doom Builder 1 and 2 webpage, my favourite program to make maps it's the easiest and nicest to use editor ever, start mapping now!

ZDoom wiki - Problems making your ZDoom maps? this is the site you are looking for!

Doom Wiki - Doom's encyclopaedia.

Doom wads Tumblr - A recent Tumblr/Blog page with good wad reviews by kmxexii.

Zandronum (Multiplayer and Singleplayer) - Zandronum's home page. This is the new Skulltag! check it out!. Also, this is the forum.

Official DooM site - Official Doom 4 site, it's here! FINALLY!!

Russell Pearson's site - Russell Pearson's doom site, with maps and more... but it's being redesigned so you'll have to wait.

Team TNT homepage - Official site of Team TNT.

Doom alpha-beta screenshots - Interesting site with some Alpha and Beta screenshots of Doom.