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Hahaha, you thought this was some kind of Misc with doom related things like mods and shit? you were wrong! go back to index!

A classic comedy youtube video! spanish only!!

Este video fue hecho usando el preview de Cysis + Loquendo en sus tiempos mas populares.



Anime section! beware!

Yo folks, i'm currently watching Yu Yu Hakusho, Hitsugi no Chaika season 2, Sora no Method, SAO 2 & Nanatsu no Taizai.
My personal opinion of previous animes i was watching will be probably post next update!

Hunter X Hunter 2011

Feels X Feels! this is a 10/10 series that you MUST watch, the story, characters, arcs, music, everything is so damn cool that it takes you to feels, specially in the chimera ants arc. If you are watching Naruto, Bleach, Fairy tail, SAO, etc... what are you doing man?! go watch Hunter x Hunter 2011 now.

I really need a Tumblr for this!