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Released Projects

Come and get me!! here you will find my released projects, a little bit of information, release date and the download link (the imp's fireball!)

Daemon Killer (Deathmatch)

Small 1-1 map for ZDaemon, last version is 1.3, it has a new sky (iirc) and a new music (iirc again), nothing more to say, download it and go frag!




Deimos Chronology (single player)

I started this map in 2007 with just 20% of the map completed I dumped it, and in the 10th a map tournament of Arcades3D I restored it in a old HDD and started working on it again and complete that 80% left, I did it very quick, in that time, my mapping skills were growing, but for some reason, this map sucks a lot. It finished in the 8th place out of 13 maps.
This map it's simple and medium sized, it was intended to be the whole second episode of Ultimate Doom in one map (references here and there, similar architecture, etc), there are currently 2 version, the first one is the original that was published for the tourney in 2011, and the second one is one with texture fixing, some better light fixes, one extra easter egg (go find it!) and a little bit easier difficulty, go try it!.

Download! (Old version):

Download! (New Version):