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Cancelled/Unreleased Projects

The shame.. the impotence!!! *cough cough*
Ok so here we are, i'll post the date of the project (when it started, not in order) and the cancellation of the project (when it died)
I'll update this page when I find more unreleased projects, there are more to come!

Doom Bible wad (My contribution)

This map was intended to be part of a dead old project called "Doom Bible" by users of Arcades3D' Forum, my contribution for this projects was planned to re-make the first episode of this comunity project, I only finished 1 map. I was working on the second map and a little bit of the third map when we decided to cancel this project for reasons that I forget, the only map of this project ( I THINK) it's this, so here you go: the very first map finally released! it's completed, my skills 4 years ago were so bad, so don't expect this to be a good map with a lot of ZDoom features, I think it's playable. If you ever played the Doom Alphas you
will notice that this is the 'remake' of the first map of Doom 0.4 that was finally placed in E2M7 in the final edition of Doom. Nothing more to say, enjoy it!


Date of the project: -Started: some time around 2010 -Died: Same year or first months of 2011
Unreleased: No (download fireball above)
Cancelled: Yes.

Nowhere Town

Single player wad for GZDoom, you are Mr Jean Banana-San Junior and you're trapped in a ghost city called Nowhere Town, you want to get the hell out of there quickly, it seems really dangerous, you see a bus stop, you wait for the bus and after some minutes it arrives, but... you need the god damn tickes! it's now the time to go deep in the city to get the tickets and start a new life, resolving puzzles and battling hell hordes is your mission, there was the option to follow that path or just explore what you want, there is a field, a forest, a river and a train bridge in the southest part of the city... out of the city, where you can go explore and see another awful truth, in the other hand, in the east side there was an unkwon factory that seems to be the mastermind behind the truth about this city.


Date of the project: -Started: March 4-5 2010 -Died: Some time around April 2011
Unreleased: Yes
Cancelled: Partially, only time will tell.


La Fortaleza

The Fortress in english, this was my fourth map released in internet, a singleplayer wad for Doom 2 (ZDoom needed), it was intended to be a 4 maps packs with history, then, I dumped it because of reasons.


Date of the project: -Started: August 18-20 2010 -Died: 2010
Unreleased: No, there was a download link for the first map but it's totally dead now.
Cancelled: Yes


War Fields Forever

A deathmatch project that I wanted to complete at least a demo, the intention was to make 10 DM maps for skulltag, I only completed 3, two of them were lost along with the other maps that were incompleted, only one map was saved, but i had this wad saved on Megaupload (now dead) and wadhost (the old one), so, it's so god damn dead.


Date of the project: -Started: sometime in 2011 -Died: Same year.
Unreleased: No, the first map was online, i'm still searching for someone with the map.
Cancelled: Yes