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Wads In Progress

Here you are mortal! you will find my current in-progress wads here! i'm going to add one for each update because I don't have much so i'll keep you waiting hehe *evil face*


This one-map for ZDoom takes place before the events of Doom, our protagonist; the Doomguy suffers a Nightmare 1 day before the invasion to the moon bases, your mission
is to fight the hell ordes that are in your mind, you'll fight different scenarios and hazards to erase the hell that is in your mind... but a terrible fate awaits...
Here you have 2 pictures (for now), they're from an incomplete room, this map is in the Map Tournament 2014 of Diseño Doom btw.

Release Date: When the map tournament ends!

Night Crawler

Banished... our hero starts a new adventure, you arrive into what it seems like an island... but looks like there is a forest near the coast and... oh no! it's a Hight Tech base that
seems to be doomed by hell spawns! you must go and travel throug the wilderness and fight hell unleashed in the forest, base, crate system, caverns and hell itself!

Release date: When the map tournament ends!

Spread The Pain

You are in a infested station, you have to go through the main section of the base and clean the toxic waste tunnels and make your way to the main computer to send a help message! it will be a hard mission, but i bet you can do it. I'm following a more classic style for this project and not going to put too much detail in there like I'm usually doing now.


Release Date: Between 20-09-2014 and 20-11-2014


UAAF Unleashed

This wad is a total re-edition of the classic enigmatic Doom Alpha maps, detailed maps with fully polished structure of Tei Tenga installations is the place where you'll be fighting the evil unleashed. It will be 9 maps + 1 secret map, alpha items are back along with weird creatures from hell, electronic voice sounds for computers and other terminals are here too.
The gameplay will be balanced mixing the detail of the map, general gameplay of search and destroy and puzzles (not fucking it up like KDiZD did!).
The wad will be using the Ultimate Doom IWad, and the ZDoom engine, made with ZDoom UDMF.

(Old) Screnshots:

I'll update it with newer screenshots when the ZDoom map tourney of Diseņo Doom ends, and put links of Diseño Doom, Doomworld and ZDoom forums thread.
Release date: When it's done and so on...


Naco Deathmatch

Naco Deathmatch is here!
Behold the power of the ultimate stupid deathmatch wad for ZDaemon!
Most of the maps are full of funny-fragparty-incoherence, let's take a look to them


As you can see, the first one is a giant toilet, the second one is a virtual reality and the third one is The Beatles in the Shea Stadium!
Release Date: When it's done! haha... no, seriously I don't know.